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School Rules

School Rules

1. Citizenship

Pupils who are Singapore Citizens must sing the National anthem and take the Pledge with the right fist over the heart.

2. Attire and Grooming

2.1     Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed. Proper school attire consists of:

  • the correct school uniform including the sewn-on name tag on the left of the shirt.
  • clean pair of fully black or white school shoes OR running shoes which must be 75% coloured black/white/dark grey/dark blue. Thin coloured trimmings and small brand logos are allowed but not fanciful motifs or coloured shoelaces. Black shoes must be accompanied with black laces and white shoes with white laces. White school socks bearing the school name must be worn and the logo must be visibly seen.

2.2     The school uniform must be clean, well-pressed, neat and tidy. The school shirt/blouse/T-shirt must be tucked-in and worn with the school shorts/trousers/skirt. For girls, the skirt has to be knee-length.

2.3     Outlandish, spiky/punk or coloured/highlighted hair is not allowed. Hair must be neatly combed.

2.4     The haircut for boys must be short (not touching the collar, not covering the ear, fringe above eyebrow), neat and not fanciful. Sideburns should not be lower than at the half-ear mark. Facial hair is not allowed

2.5     Girls with long hair must have it neatly tied or plaited. Hair must be neatly pinned behind the ears and fringe must be above the eyebrow. Only black/dark blue/dark brown ribbons, elastic bands or clips can be used for tying hair.

2.6     Nails must be kept short, clean and unpainted.

2.7     Only girls are allowed to wear a pair of small matching black/dark blue/dark brown/gold/silver ear studs (must be 5mm or less in diameter). Multiple earrings are not allowed. Ear/Nose sticks are not allowed. No other form of accessory/jewellery is permitted.

2.8     Coloured contact lenses are not allowed.

2.9     School uniform must be worn during morning assembly. Pupils can only change into their PE attire prior to their PE lesson and must change back into the school uniform before the first period after recess.

2.10   The school tie must be properly worn during weekly assemblies and on school special events.

2.11    Pupils who come to school for any kind of activity during the holidays such as supplementary lessons, CCA, enrichment programmes or to meet the Principal, Vice-Principal or a teacher must dress accordingly as instructed by the person-in-charge.

Acceptable attire during the holidays is

  • Full school uniform OR
  • School/CCA t-shirt worn with the school pants/skirt. Class T-shirt is not allowed unless during special occasions where permission is given.
  • School shoes as described in para 2.1. Other types of footwear are not allowed.

3. Attendance

3.1     Daily attendance in school during term time is compulsory. A student must have at least 90% attendance before he/she will be allowed to sit for his/her examinations.

3.2    When a pupil is absent due to sickness, a Medical Certificate from a qualified doctor must be submitted to the Form Teacher on the next working day. A letter from the parent/guardian is required for absence due to non-medical reasons such as serious illness/death in the family, etc.

3.3     Pupils are not to leave the school premises during school hours. In the event of illness or unexpected circumstances where a pupil needs to leave the school, permission must be sought from the P, VP or HOD. Pupils must be accompanied by a parent/guardian/authorized adult when granted permission to leave the school.

3.4      Attendance for CCA is compulsory. If a pupil is unwell, the CCA teacher in charge must be informed and a Medical Certificate must be given to the teacher the next working day. If a pupil is unable to attend due to other school commitments, he/she must inform the teacher in-charge before the session and seek approval.

4. Latecoming

4.1      All pupils have to be punctual for school, lessons, CCA and other committed school activities.

4.2      Pupils who are not present for attendance-taking during morning assembly are considered late even though they may already be in the school compound.

4.3      All latecomers must obtain a ‘Permission Slip for Latecomers’ from the student councillors on duty or from the General Office. Particulars of the pupils must be filled in.

4.4      Subject teachers must not allow latecomers into the classroom unless the duly signed ‘Permission Slip for Latecomers’ can be produced.

4.5      It is the responsibility of the pupils who are late to submit the ‘Permission Slip for Latecomers’ to their respective Form Teachers for attendance updating.

5. Show Care and Respect

5.1      Pupils must show respect and appreciation to speakers/performers at assemblies by maintaining silence and paying attention.

5.2      Pupils must respect teachers and classmates. All pupils must greet all teachers and visitors to the school.

5.3      Pupils must respect school property and keep the school compound neat and clean, free of graffiti and vandalism. They are responsible for all equipment and furniture in their respective classrooms. Pupils must maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the Canteen.

5.4      Pupils must take pride in their work and submit work assigned on time.

6. Banned / Controlled Items

6.1      Pupils are not allowed to bring to school any item considered undesirable by the school. This includes electronic games, MP3/MP4, cards of any sort, chewing gum or any other item that contradicts the school values.

6.2     Mobile phones may be used only within the canteen area. Mobile phone must not be seen or heard anywhere outside the canteen area. Usage of phones in the library is only restricted to listening to soft music during self-study or  conducting internet research related to class work. No playing of games is allowed.

For discipline procedures and details of the rules, please refer to the pupils’ diary.

(Last updated 6 Apr 2015 by HOD Discipline)

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