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Voices of Staff

Voices of Staff



For whom

School Leaders Dialogue with staff To address specific needs of staff.  Inputs gathered from SCS are shared with staff and their feedback is sought All staff once a year.
Staff Updates To allow for interaction and feedback between staff and management

All teaching staff

Weekly on Wednesdays

     3M meeting

To allow for discussion on EAS needs in the area of-Training-Recognition-InnovationAlso for system review to bring about commitment to excellence

3Ms & SLs (weekly)

3Ms & EAS (Monthly)

Professional Learning Team To build a culture of collaboration to come up with innovative ideas to ensure student learn

All teaching staff

Weekly on Mondays

White Space To allow for teacher reflection on classroom teaching and learning.

All teaching staff


PIES To address staff well being in 4 domains: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Well Being. For all staff Weekly @SU
Staff Bonding Twice a year
Department  Bonding Once a month
Staff Games Once a month
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