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The theme for Total Defence Day this year was “30 years of Total Defence: Because You Played a Part”. The commemoration was held in conjunction with the school’s annual fire-drill exercise, whereby students had a first-hand experience of encountering an emergency and overcoming the challenges. Students were also encouraged to send an online postcard to thank someone they know who has contributed to the defence of the country.

The theme for this year’s National Day was “Our People, Our Home”. Regent Secondary School celebrated Singapore’s 49th year of independence in collaboration with CSSCOM from the Singapore Armed Forces. The celebration program was differentiated. The Secondary Four students participated in the National Day celebrations at CSSCOM and felt what it was like to be in a parade. The students were also treated to a mini Army Open-House at the end of the parade. The rest of the students took part in the National Day Observance Parade and watched a concert in the hall. The concert ended with a rousing finale in which the school leaders led in the community singing of national day songs.

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