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Student Voices


Platform Purpose For whom
Contact time with Student Development Team
  • To promote students’ sense of belonging and attachment to the school via allowing students’ voice
  • To engender students’ sense of pride and commitment to serve the school through making a difference
  • To provide a platform for authentic conversation between students and School Management Team
All students
Student Suggestion Scheme To provide students with the opportunity to improve their learning experiences and study environment All students
End-of-Year Student Survey To enable students to surface their views and perspectives on various aspects of school life At least 50% of student population
Student-Teacher Interaction To facilitate richer and more targeted conversation with individual students All students
School Leaders’ Chat with Graduating Cohort
  •  To motivate and inspire graduating cohort to maximise their potential for the upcoming National Exams
  • To address the needs of the graduating cohort
Graduating cohort
Student Leaders’ Contact Time with School Leaders To empower the Student Leaders  and enable their voices to be heard by the School Leaders All Upper Secondary Student Leaders
Students Needs Survey To enable school to cater to the various needs and interests of our students All students

Voices of Students for Arts Youth Development in Regent Sec

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